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Our next Taster/Interview days are:

Saturday, 11th June 2022 (IN PERSON)

Saturday, 23rd July 2022 (IN PERSON)

To apply for a training at the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education you are required to attend one of our Taster Day / Application Days. These days run every month during the Academic Year.

you can pay and book online above or telephone on: 0207 704 2534

The fee for the Taster Day is £83.00 Live at our London premises 

The fee for the online Taster Day is £69.00

The fee for the Taster Evening is £35.00

The fee for the Taster Day Cardiff (for Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools only) is £48.00

Refund and cancellation policy: the Taster Day / Application Day & Taster Evening is non-refundable (unless due to cancellations by IATE or unforseen circumstances). 

Please note: if you have already attended an IATE course, you never need to attend another taster day. Please fill in an application only for the course of your choice and we will proceed if appropriate, to one to one interview (free of charge).


Duty of care to applicants and students

We ask you to note that therapy training and interviews for therapy training can be experienced at times as emotionally challenging. Please be aware of this before applying. Unless trainees are truly emotionally available to their own traumatised child and have sufficiently addressed painful life experience leading to personal awareness, insight and robustness, it is not possible to be truly emotionally available to the distress of others. When we see potential in a trainee but feel they need to undergo more personal work, we ask for a year’s psychotherapy and to re-apply. All registered psychotherapists must undergo extensive personal psychotherapy as part of their training, We have limited places. Please be aware on applying that, due to limited resources, we regret that IATE is unable to offer feedback from applications that have been unsuccessful.

One of our duties of care to applicants and students is to ensure adequate provision is made so that psychological wellbeing is not put at risk. In light of this, occasionally an applicant or current student may be asked to provide appropriate written assurance from a medical or mental health professional. This may be before attending an interview, before attending a training or during a training itself. As part of the duty of care and assessment process we regularly ask some applicants to attend a second interview (free of charge). Applicants should not be alarmed as this is standard practice within our organisation.

Book Interview/Taster Day

£ 83.00
Book Interview/Taster day

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