Updated August 1  2021

We will continue to run the majority of our courses face-to-face.  Unless your training is explicitly classed as blended learning, or you have been told that a  training session is online, students will continue to attend live courses on the premises.

We are following Uk.Gov policy for schools colleges and educational settings and on  shielding advice and extremely vulnerable people. This states,

Shielding advice was paused on 1 April 2021.

All COVID-19 vaccines should offer some degree of protection. Therefore, it is really important that you have both your first and second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. A recent study from Public Health England (PHE), which looked at more than 1 million people in at-risk groups, found that people who are immunosuppressed are significantly better protected from symptomatic infection following the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

School, college and other educational settings

Clinically extremely vulnerable pupils and students should have returned to their school or other educational setting.


Thank you,
The Senior Management Team





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