Covid-19 Policy concerning live, on-line and blended learning at IATE

During the pandemic, for those people who are needing to shield or self- isolate, we will offer an on line zoom directly accessing  the live groups at our premises in London.  Some courses will also have blended learning ( meaning some classes will be on-line and some will be live. Those students who are self-isolating or shielding would still remain on-line for the live classes of course.).  There will also be one cohort of the  Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools ( Practitioner status) entirely on line and will remain so after the end of the pandemic.*  It is likely that another cohort of this course during the year will be live.

We need to make it clear that once the pandemic is over, and students are no longer at physical risk of catching the virus and  no longer needing to shield someone, we cannot offer a remote learning route for any of the courses. All students will be required to attend live at IATE London


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