If you train at The Institute you can be assured that you have chosen an inspirational training organisation


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Our vision to provide an inspirational learning environment with over 30 years standing in which the enquiring mind, the creative spirit are equally honoured and we believe that you will be able to share that vision in our beautiful premises, situated in one of the most vibrant parts of London.

We can offer you the opportunity to embark on a truly fulfilling career, making a real difference to people’s lives.


We are a fully accredited Higher Education College with an excellent reputation in the field. We are a full member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the government body, Health and Care Professions Council.

We are academic partner of University of East London (UEL). Many of our courses are validated by UEL from our Masters Degree programmes to our 12 days practical skills trainings. Most importantly we are a not-for profit organisation dedicated to changing people’s lives. 


The courses offered at The Institute are unique. They include two Masters Degree courses, several Diploma courses, a Postgraduate Certificate in The Therapeutic Arts and Certificate courses. Our MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy is the only art therapy course in the country to qualify you to work in the NHS as an art therapist (HCPC) and as an arts psychotherapist with UKCP. 


We pride ourselves in offering courses, which are at the cutting edge of the integration of art and science. The latest neuroscientific research in emotional behaviour, child development and human interaction underpins our syllabi.

We have a teaching faculty of 70 highly experienced staff. Many are leading authors, and clinicians in their field including Senior Psychotherapists, Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Psychiatrists and expert Academics. Furthermore, in association with the Centre for Child Mental Health, first-class international clinicians, researchers and pioneers in the field of child and adult mental health contribute to our trainings. By having so many eminent trainers, our aim is to inspire our students. A great number of our graduates go on to achieve amazing things, bringing about social change all over the world and impacting on people’s lives in deeply moving ways.


We adopt a psychodynamic and integrative approach in all we offer. In our treatment model, both the relationship and the conversational act are informed by a synthesis of insights on the human condition. 

Our teaching style aims to provoke questions rather than provide ready answers; to give students the confidence to deeply engage with study; to explore and experience the healing powers of the creative imagination; to think deeply and read widely. Our tutors are all recognised experts in their field but are united in a nurturing outlook that makes the individual needs of students and their eventual clients their priority. We prepare students in a supportive way to work in potentially difficult and emotionally challenging situations and we share with them our belief that the Arts and active use of creative imagination enable people to develop and make sense of their world in profound ways.


The Institute has a total commitment to diversity in its student body and rejects any form of discrimination.

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