Many members of our teaching faculty and graduates have published books, which are key texts in the fields of psychotherapy, counselling, art therapy, child therapy, play therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, child mental health, parenting, emotional health and well-being. Here is a selection of their books.

Anna-Michele Hantler

annamichelleHow to Nurture and Enhance Your Child’s Development (LDA).



Dr Dan Hughes

danhughesBuilding the Bonds of Attachment - Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children. (Jason Aranson).
Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting. (W.W. Norton and Co).
Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, (W.W. Norton and Co).
Attachment-Focused Family Therapy Workbook. (W.W. Norton and Co).

Dr Michelle Lefevre

michelleCommunicating with Children and Young People: Making a Difference’ (Policy Press).
Co-editor Direct Work: Social Work with Children and Young People in Care.  (BAAF).
Deputy Editor of the international journal 'Social Work Education'. 


Dr Sue Jenner

sueThe Parent-Child Game  (Bloomsbury).
The Parent Baby Game  (Bloomsbury).



Dr Hilary Kennedy

hilarykennedyVideo Interaction Guidance: A Relationship-based Intervention to Promote Attunement, (Jessica Kingsley).
Empathy and Wellbeing and Learning Through Conversation.
Exploring and Extending Teacher and Children’s Involvement in Classroom Talk.


Dr Garry L. Landreth

garylandrethPlay Therapy: The Art of the Relationship (Routledge).
Child Parent Relationship Therapy (Routledge).



Dr James Low

jameslowBeing Right There: The Mirror of Clear Meaning. (Snow Lion).
Simply Being (Antony Rowe).



Jennifer Mackewn

jennymackewnDeveloping Gestalt Counselling  (Sage Publications).
Fritz Perls ( Key figures in counseling and psychotherapy series) co- author with Petruska Clarkson (Sage Publications).


Dr. Jeanne Magagna

jeannemagagnaIntimate Transformations: Babies with their Families.  (Karnac books).
Editor: Universals of Psychoanalysis in the Treatment of Psychotic and Borderline States (Free Association books).
Co- editor Crisis at Adolescence: Object Relations Therapy with the Family (Jason Aranson).

Adah Sachs

Co-edited book Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Karnac, 2008)



Dr Valerie Sinason

valrieMental Handicap and the Human Condition and Attachment (Free Association).
Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Routledge).
Co-author, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy After Child Abuse: The Treatment of Adults and Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse, Violence and Neglect in Childhood  (Karnac).
Changing Policy and Practice for People with Learning Disabilities (Continuum International).

Dr Margot Sunderland

margotWhat Every Parent Needs to Know (Dorling Kindersley).
Draw on Your Emotions (Speechmark).
Draw on your Relationships (Speechmark).
Using storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children (Speechmark).

Professor Diana Shmukler

dianaCo- Author Brief Therapy with Couples  (Wiley-Blackwell).



Jenny Stacey

jennyCo- Author Counselling Skills for Creative Arts Therapists (Worth Publishing)



Jay Vaughan 

jayvaughanCo – author Family Futures Assessment Handbook: Frameworks for Assessing Children Who Have Experienced Developmental Trauma  (Family Futures consortium)